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Re: EM1 MKiii - Buying a new camera / upgrading / not

Dash29 wrote:

bluevellet wrote:

Dash29 wrote:

"The handheld High Res mode lets you shoot 50MP JPEGs and Raws without a tripod. They're not as detailed as the tripod-based mode is, since the movement between shots isn't as precisely controlled, but it makes it useful for a much wider range of circumstances."

Whats the point!

The point is clear from the paragraph you quoted:

- Take higher resolution photos than 20MP, as in sharper with more details

- Take this hi-res shot in less restrictive conditions as in no dependence on a tripod.

- Benefit from lower noise, better colors and higher DR

- If you need even more resolution and more details, fall back on the good old tripod HR mode.

I've highlighted the area I was referring too

Pixel shift (using the IBIS mechanism) on a tripod and HHHiRes using camera movements between shots (IBIS only on during the shot) are quite different methods for increasing resolution.  HHHiRes is achievable with any camera, apart from the trick of IS off between shots and on during shots.  Pixel shift completely changes the way that CFA demosaicing is done.  We don't know whether HHHiRes stacks images over part pixel boundaries before demosaicing, but I doubt it.

The text is marketing speak - pixel shift relies on very precise control and HHHiRes relies on no control at all, apart from pointing the camera in the same general direction.

HHHiRes belongs to a class of image stacking methods called super-resolution, if you want to read more.  Pixel shift is about oversampling the image field using true colour, as opposed to reconstructing pixel colour by demosaicing.

Hopefully that at least partly answers your question.


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