EVF: #1 advantage of Mirrorless?

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Re: Interesting subject, what exactly do you miss....

VideoPic wrote:

Assume I am a little slow.... Please help me understand what it is you miss? Don't quote specs we already know, give me a few real advantages something like the G9 EVF has. I have both here and love to dig in and discover what I might be missing....

Thank you

It seem this is one of those, «specs only» questions. The physical size of the VF or EVF has always been a question of matter. Even in Dpreview hands on review of the Miii they complain about not being able to judge wether the sky is burnt out, when you got both histogram and «blinkies» to help you judge that. Most people dont bother to tailor the camera to their needs even if the option is available. The reviewers arent capable of doing it.

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