RF Teleconverters Purpose

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Re: RF Teleconverters Purpose

Zeee wrote:

Do we need them with the modern high resolving lenses and high megapixel camera's?

Who is "we"? That would depend on your style and where you like to take risks, and where you don't.

I use a 2xIII TC with my 400/4DO II on the 90D, so if there were an 83MP R camera, I'd be using the 2xIII with it also, at times. A quality TC is always better than cropping, if the TC does not degrade AF ability, and the extra tracking/jump room is not needed and you're stuck with a prime lens that can't zoom out.

Crop with my 5D4. Bird from bottom left.

Even after your crop, your composition is still one with a lot of environment. You may have found the composition after the shot, in which case the wider angle of view worked out for you. Had you been tracking that lower left duck well, though, you may have had even better results with a TC, if AF did not degrade. Against trees like that, it may have degraded, but against blue sky or a very distant background, maybe it would still have worked out.

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