Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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I am surprised by the hardly justified expectations outside the facts

SQLGuy wrote:

The only mention of resolution in the Canon announcement is in regarding to taking "high resolution stills" from 8K video. OK, 8K is 33MP. That's pretty good resolution. Is that what you're expecting as the max resolution of the camera?

See the video and elaboration from Matt and you should know more - I am really surprised by the wild speculations and believe that Canon will do everything better than anybody else - this has not been my experience when I used their gear - Canon was always years behind the technology forefront. That's why I abandoned them.

Even at 33MP, 20 FPS with electronic shutter for sports use is quite impressive, considering the DPReview impression of the 20MP 1DxIII was: "Our measurements indicate good rolling shutter performance, though it's still no match for the readout speed of Sony's a9 and a9 II sports cameras."

10 fps at 60 MP is impressive IMHO - let's see the real world results from Canon's flagship.

Talking about flagship cameras and price

If they can do 8K30 shouldn't they be able to do about 50MP at 20FPS? I just checked B&H and 8K30 cameras are running $6000. Or is this 8K an internal only thing, with the actual recording being only 4K and the full res being the 33MP? Thus you can shoot 4K and extract 8K stills from the "internal" 8K that's being downsampled?

Have a look at Matt's video and his elaboration - I am really surprised that many believe that Canon has found the holy grail in electronics.

I'd be extremely surprised in case they have a much better signal processing and and a stacked sensor with BIS.

That would be a huge leap forward. Hard to believe.

Either Canon throws their brand new DSLR under the bus or they disappoint people who were looking forward to what they seemed to promise with their announcement.

I'm hoping it's the former.

Canon did not state many things people speculate about. The information is very sparse at this point in time. To believe that reality will be the top end of the vague information is a bit frightening to me with respect to mental health and maybe not the intention from Canon.

Their current MILC products are underwhelming to say the least - the new development announcement draws some attention and hopes that we finally see some competition and offerings that have a different twist in feature and functionality. We don't know how much improvement Canon made on the sensor front and whether we'll get 16 or the standard 14 bit read out. Whether we get rolling shutter or not or whether we'll get motion jpeg or 8k30P external or internal with 4.4.4. or 4.2.2. or 4.2.0 . . .

Once again - I find it hard to believe that Canon did all that in one got being one of the most conservative electronics companies in the camera business.

For me it's clear that fan boys defend their brand and let's face it - Canon was at least five years behind Sony with IBIS, BIS, EyeAF, AF tracking, DR . . .

In case they get closer and do some aspects better this would be beneficial for all photographers - I just don't believe this will come true in the way many hope. Nonetheless it is a fresh wind in the MILC environment - very welcome.

Let's be a bit more realistic though.

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