We need an overhaul of the "little Gems".

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We need an overhaul of the "little Gems".

The "little gems", the small M43 F1.7 or F1.8 primes, are not up to date any more.

For me it all started in 2015, when I was looking for a small WA lens, wider than my 20mm and with faster focus.

I realized the O 12-40 proved to be sharper than primes like the 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 17mm, 20mm and 25mm lenses oin all reviews I read. It also is weather sealed, has a shorter minimal focus distance and faster AF, at least compareed to the 20mm.

However, what I wanted in 2015 was a small, light-weight solution, so I finally got a Ricoh GR instead, which produced very sharp pictures, but has many other drawbacks.

The same situation can be seen when looking at the tele "pro" and PL zooms: even the 42.5 and 45mm lenses could not keep up with them. The only lens rivalling the 2.8/40-150 in sharpness is the 75mm, but this is not weather sealed and MFD is much longer.

Of course the new 1.4 and 1.2 primes are great, but they also are big and heavy.

What we need in my opionon is a sort of split up PL 10-25:

a 12-14mm, a 17-20mm lens, a 25mm lens, all with

  • sharpness as good as the 10-25mm, well, at least like the 12-40/40-150
  • F1.7 - F2.0: slower than the big primes and faster than the 2.8 zooms
  • short MFD for at least 1:3 reprodaction ratio
  • WR
  • fast AF
  • size/weight under about 200g
  • no OIS needed for the shorter FLs, IBIS is good enough
  • price like the F2 Fuji series (400-450)

We don't need a 45-60mm "gem" from Olympus or Panasonic, because we now have the Sigma 56mm; however, the Sigma 16mm is way too big and heavy.


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