DR Breakthroughs on the R5?

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Re: Not expecting it because of readout speed

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Curious if there is any buzz about the new sensor. It is less MP than the one from the one used on the High MP DSLR, and I thought I had heard in earlier 'rumors' that they were focused on maximizing DR.

Any news on this?

The analog circuits that do the readout generate most of the base ISO noise in these sensors. Readout speed and analog noise fight eacho and it's generally easier to achieve low read noise at slower readout speeds. They appear to have just upped their readout by 3x (per pixel readout rate) compared to 5D4 and 2.5x vs Sony A7III or A7R4. I'll be impressed if they achieve DR parity with 5D4 and even more pressed if they beat it.

That said I sure hope they do beat it! Just because it's hard doesn't mean it can't be done. But we've all been here watching while Canon showed a decade of not being able to match Sony analog designs so I'm managing my own expectations.

And we don't have to wait until the R5 to get a hint of the Canon analog prowess. The 1DX3 paves new ground with readout speed and we will shortly see how it does in terms of DR. Then we will at least know if Canon has had a speed AND DR breakthrough in one fell swoop.

One thing they could improve more easily is high ISO DR by using the Sony technique of having variable gain ADCs. That would be very valuable if they do it. This is why the A7III trounces everyone including the A7R4 at high ISO DR.

Just curious: Why is noise related to read-out speed?

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