Bodes Nebula and the Cigar Galaxy

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Flat view
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Bodes Nebula and the Cigar Galaxy

It was finally clear last night, so I shot a pair of galaxies.

M81 (Bodes Nebula) is 12 Million light years away and spans around 90,000 light years across.

M82 (the Cigar Galaxy) is 12 Million light years away. It is a Starburst galaxy and makes stars 10X faster than our galaxy. The bright core is exploding with Hydrogen gas (the red areas in the center).

I decided to see how my mono camera with filter wheel works with the RASA 11. I was wondering if the large filter wheel would affect the image too much or not.

It looks like it will work fine with the filter wheel and also with my normal filters. So I won't have to buy the expensive 2" "fast" filters for this scope. Some of the stars are very slightly out of round, but I think I can fix that with making a mask to sit in front of the filter wheel.

Anyway, here is the photo. This is an integration of:

Lum: 200, 20 second images
Red: 48, 45 second images
Green: 48, 45 second images
Blue: 48, 45 second images
H-Alpha: 40, 90 second images

Celestron RASA 11
EQ6-R Pro
ZWO ASI290MM MIni Guide Camera

Flat view
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