DR Breakthroughs on the R5?

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Re: DR Breakthroughs on the R5?

David Hull wrote:

Skaeg wrote:

The problem is not the dynamic range at Iso 50 or 100.
The dynamic range plummets when you put the ISO high. And I think most people care more about this than the DR at iso 50 or 100, if the DR is at iso 100 like A7III, it's enough.

The reality is that most of the high end cameras are pretty much the same in terms of DR above ISO 200 or so, which is where a lot of people use them. What most people want is low noise and no pattern effects in the noise that they do have to put up with.

Just sayin... As a landscape photographer, any DR advantage at low iso is much more important that what is happening at high iso. [But likewise, I think Canon is close enough not to worry about it. Iso invariance can also play a part in ones requirements though].

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