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Steve Balcombe wrote:

RDM5546 wrote:

I suggest you wait until the late summer because you likely would want the R5 rather the the EOS R for shooting with a 400mm lens.

Absolutely, that's what I've been talking about.

There will be more RF lenses next year. Maybe even an RF 400/4 DO.

I also have f5.6 at 400mm and I love the lens when the sun is out strong. High speed, stablized and all are great but in dim light the ISO is forced higher. I have a big sigma

150-650mm zoom and again it is not good when conditions are dim. I would love to have f4 but I will and see what Canon does in RF telephotos a couple of year before I buy a new expensive telephoto or any other EF lenses. I already have 25 or more lovely EF lenses bought over the past twenty years. My new money is going after a faster mirrorless Canon camera.

There's lot's of context here. Like yourself have a collection built up over time, which now runs to three bodies (5D4/90D/7D2) and 15+ lenses, mostly Ls. This includes a 600/4L IS III which I love, although it's a bit of a love/hate relationship because it is so flippin' big. My quest is to improve on my lightweight alternative which is currently the 100-400L II, potentially on any of the bodies.

The combination in my subject line would be a stunning solution, but like so many people I'm thinking that the R5 might be good enough to justify the leap into mirrorless, and if so I could pair it with the 100-500 rather than just adapting the 100-400. Budget-wise that is likely to be similar to, in fact less than, the 7D3 plus 400 DO II, and while it might not be quite as powerful, it gets me into mirrorless and perhaps the timing is right for that.

Also BTW - the R5 and 100-500 are real, the 7D3 is not even a rumour yet!!

Quite true.  You may never be able to buy a 7D3.   The 7D2 is old enough that under different conditions it would be coming now. I think the APS-C format is dying.  It is far easier to crop in post processing with good results using a FF sensor.  If the resolution is 45megapixels it puts nearly 20 megapixels on the APS-C footprint of the image so the range extension is almost as good as with the 7D2.   The the speed of the R5 may be similar to the 7D2.  The only concern is the viewfinder of the R5 is an EVF and not an optical finder.  The R5 will be brighter and that is plus.  The R5 though only changes views every frame (12fps) so you are a bird in flight flying right at you at high speed (like a low flying duck) would on be seen in twelve different locations every second.   The image of the duck is jerky making exact tracking a little more difficult.  With the EOS R the AF Servo mode take time and slow the 5fps down to close to 3 fps and this is more jerky than 12 fps where it is minor. Panning fast moving object is less difficult with the 7D because it shows you the motion of the bird continuously except when the mirror goes up at speeds which may be around 8 fps in actual shooting.  It is not pretty but optical works,  I have not tried the R5 viewfinder put on paper it looks similar to me to the Sony A9 which many people say works and is better than DSLRs  at bird shooting.  The mirror focus sensors are much more spread across to image a some are closer to the edge that DSLRs like the 7D and EOS 5D.  In the DSLRs the focus sensors are much closer to the center.

For fast moving objects the focus at the edge matter because some shots are taken with the subject close the edge.

Every shooting situation is a little different but take pictures of people or groups near the camera is one of the most common situtations. The EOS R is excellent in getting a good focus in these situations as are most mirrorless cameras.  The EVF is also handy in determining the fine points of setting the exposure right and using exposure compensation to correct before you snap the picture.  These are the cameras very strong points.   Hopefully the R5 will speed things up and do better job in high action shooting.

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