Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

Meetmer wrote:

The rumor is that the XT4 will gain 6 oz, or 170 grams compared to the XT3. That puts the anticipated weight of the XT4 at 660 gym no battery, or 709 grams with battery. For comparison , a Nikon Z6 is 585 grams body only. The Sony A74 with battery is 665 grams and that camera blows the Fuji out of the water. Does anyone see the travesty here? The XT4 is going to outweigh the full frame cameras. Thoughts and comments ?


It's also very disappointing to me. I carry my xt3 backcountry skiing, climbing etc. Makes a difference for some of us. For many others it doesn't make a difference.  I'll be staying with the xt3 because i don't like the direction the xt4 is moving. It sounds like an xh2 in all but name..but hey that's just me. I sure hope in that fuji doesn't abandon the idea of a smallish rugged weather sealed camera.

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