Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: X-H1 resurrected ?

Dr_J wrote:

fpessolano wrote:

Looks like the usual thing people forget that aperture is the value of light calculated from the 35mm time, meaning that in a smaller sensor not only we have less depth of field but also we have less light.

Yes, but you are projecting that less light onto a smaller surface area, which is why you get the same exposure (albeit less dynamic range).

it is also while it getting ridiculous to see again and again hearing claims that the Fuji 1.4 are lighter than whatever FF 1.4. A Fuji 1.4 is a f\2 in full frame.

Yes, it is. That's not going to happen.

when we compare the current crop of Fuji lenses and the latest and coming body, size and weight is no longer an advantage of a asp-c sensor.

It is, but not the way you think:

What if the depth of field at f/1.4 on APS-C is adequate for my use and I would pick an equivalent f/2 lens on FF? I wouldn't feel the need to buy a heavier and larger f/1.4 FF lens, right?

With APS-C, I can have a lens like e.g. 16-80 f/4 that is reasonably small and compact. To match this on FF I would need 24-120 f/5.6 but such a lens doesn't exist. I'm forced to carry a 24-120 f/4 that is heavier and larger.

That's where the advantage of APS-C (and u4/3) is.

The 16-80 F4 is a mainstream, do it all lens. I would never pair that lens with a high end body like the XT3 or XT4. Likewise, someone buying a nice FF mirrorless wouldn’t want that kind of lens either.

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