Is 2 years a short life for a printer like this ? Canon Pro-1000 Fully Dead.

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Re: Is 2 years a short life for a printer like this ? Canon Pro-1000 Fully Dead.
  • Chris 222 wrote:


I have used numerous Canon printers (still do) and I have come to believe that one of their dirty little secrets is that some sort of time limit is hard coded in. They would never acknowledge it but it's certainly been my observation.

if that’s the case, do you know what would trigger that time limit? Surely not everybody uses a Canon Pro1000 for only 2 years. So, if true, what can be done to avoid all this?

This being said, I've gotten past the type of error you are getting by doing the following:

1) Pull out all the carts and the print head, then unplug your printer. Wait a few minutes then wipe all the contacts you can possibly access with some 70% rubbing alcohol on some type of lint-free fabric (NOT cotton or Qtips!) This includes any inner contacts (the type the printhead locks onto, some may be hard to see and access but don't overlook that.)

2) Get yourself some extra-fine sandpaper (400 grit or higher) and run it very gently over all these contacts again.

3) Used some canned air (or an air compressor at 40PSI max like I do) over all these contacts.

4) Reinstall everything in reverse order and run your tests again.

BTW, here's a fact I learned long ago from a retired Master Electrician I had called after I had moved into a property where I lost thousands of dollars of busted PCs and other electronics. Most folks buy a "surge protector" against spikes but it tunes out that many utilities, if not all, do a horrible job of delivering constant electricity to their residential customers. We actually get a lot of brownouts, where our juice is way BELOW where it should be. When the voltage drops below a certain level, nearly all electronics get affected. If you're lucky the unit simply shuts down but in many cases some sort of internal damage is done. It's not something you can see, smell or accurately record so the utilities get away with it. Anyhow, the take away is to place all your sensitive electronics like PCs, printers, etc. behind a UPS that also has good voltage regulation (Cyberpower, Belkin, APC, etc. I haven't bought one recently so I'd recommend some fresh research.)

Hope this helps. Let us know how it goes!

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