Does the new R5 change your roadmap?

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Re: Nope but a RM would

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The specs on the new R5 look like a it's going to be a real paradigm shifter...

Canon R5 announcement at DPReview

R5 details at B&H

Do you think Canon is moving in a new direction (esp with the inclusion of IBIS)? Will any of these goodies trickle down to the M-System? Will there BE a future M-System? What will your next upgrades be...

No signs of Canon investing much into the M System, nor reassuring official statements neither hence it is of a questionable future.

To some degree i have to disagree with this. I think the ef-m 32mm is a good lens. For Sony there's only the sigma 30mm option, at least Canon has a native option on top of that, and it is better than that sigma too.

Wow this is so wrong.
According to the B&H store there are 180 NATIVE Sony E crop lenses. From which 83 are prime.

Yeah, 83 primes, but - read the Sony aps-c forum - only 3 are interesting owning a crop camera: the sigma 16,30,56mm f/1.4 primes.  The other 80 are only interesting owning a full frame camera.

That is a bit exaggerating of course, however, the Sony 35mm f/1.8 isn't any better than the 35mm f/2.0 IS USM, and the 50mm stm is certainly better value for money than the Sony 55mm. Only the Sony 85mm f/1.8 is better than Canons EF version, however, its way more expensive too, and 85mm isn't that practical anyway on crop.

Really, for crop cameras i really don't see why the Sony eco system would be more appealing than Canons ecosystem. You can have large numbers, but what really matters how many of them are truly good on crop sensor bodies.

For RF lenses versus Sony full frame lenses the Sony eco system kind of wins unless your willing to pay for the very highest segment (f/1.2 primes). But as long as we are comparing prime lenses performing well on crop cameras Canon is just as good if not better (32mm).

You don't have to believe me just check the link.

I think the M6mkII is a camera a step above most of the ef-m lenses. The M200 has even better AF than the M50.

The 3 latest released M products all surpass everything we have seen before.

What kind of signs are you looking for if you're ignoring these kind of improvements?

Of course the M system wasn't originally designed to replace ef-s, but the M6mkII has the AF to be a replacement. Why isn't this a sign Canon is investing in the M system?

Easy, that is just improved firmware for Digic8 chip, which is shared across all Canon models in Live View no just Ms.
Everything from the 2019 batch of M cameras has been recycled except the 32MP sensor which frankly was made to support any future camera regardless of mount. EF-S EF-M R-M. If Canon had already a plan to release an RM 32MP camera this year the hard work is done already, all they have to do is physically install the 32MP sensor in the RM body and minor adjustment to the firmware if it is going to be similar feature set as the M6II.

At least they recycled this stuff for the M6mkII too, and Canon allowed the M6mkII to compete with the 90D, and actually the M6mkII surpasses the 90D in some important areas. Furthermore: the  M6mkII is just a A6400 killer, and only the A6600 is more appealing for it's IBIS, but certainly not for the lower resolution, the awful handling, the stopped down focusing, and the price premium you have to pay for that IBIS. Of course Sony has its youtube influencers telling the world the eye AF is so much better, and of course Sony sells a lot of those aps-c cameras, however, beside this customers delusion the M6mkII is just the better camera.

But Canon needs an APS-C system for sure and is of their best interest to make it compatible with the R mount, just like Nikon has now.
Enter the rumored RM, I guess the M is there to relate to the M series marketing wise.
The price of that new body is speculated to be under the RP, which is already a bare bones camera so it makes sense the lower cost is due to cropped sensor.
Canon made an extraordinary effort to bring the 32MP APS-C sensor to market and I think its long term plan with it was not for the M or DSLRs but the R mount.

I love my M6ii. Nothing else out there is as small and light, with such great bang for the buck. Will there be an M6iii?


RM with a 32MP APS-C sensor + built-in EVF. $849 Body Only, $1,000 with 15-45 Kit lens. To be released before the Tokyo Olympic Games.

So that is what I think is going to happen in relationship to M's future.
Personally, I'd stick with my M6II for a while and eventually switch to either Canon RM or a Panasonic FF.

The only argument consolidating any M series future I've seen is the appearance of the Sigma prime trio last year, but when you look at them, those lenses are nothing more than adapted

Not adapted. It's just native AF, as it is very likely Canon shared the AF protocols with Sigma.  The AF works better on the ef-m mount compared to the FE mount!  If it works better on Canon than Sony, what's the meaning of the word "adapted" in this case? If that's what you call adapted, i want all my lenses to be adapted rather than being native.

lenses from the Sony E and m4/3 with just a firmware and the correct rear mount to make them M compatible.
I wouldn't be surprised if Canon was who invited Sigma and shared their protected/encrypted M lens code

Yeah, exactly. Nothing adapted here.

so Canon don't have to make more lenses to support their own dead end format. Canon doesn't care anymore (Sigma: you can eat from my soon to be expired mount)

Canon cares, but changed strategy in a shrinking marked.

The only true outlier was the 2018 release of the Canon 32mm, but c'mon, when you read any M camera reviews there is still this consensus about the M having a lacking lens catalog

The only thing lacking is relatively compact f/2.8 zooms, but that's not a fault of the system, it's just Canons choice to leave these options to the RF system (RP + 24-105 f/4.0).  Furthermore you can always adapt the f/1.8 sigma zooms letting in even more light and giving you even shallower depth of field, and i can tell you from experience these lenses adapt better to Canon ef-m than to Sony via MC-11.

and are asking if Canon is going to finally bring APS-C to the R mount.

Canon said they are gonna put their resources on RF not EF. They never ratified their commitment to the M series during that press release which seriously need it.

They said nothing, they just released a M200, a M6mkII and a 32mm. Action speaks louder than words.

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M for zooms, RF for primes

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