Eye Autofocus Issues with Sony 24mm f1.4 GM Lens

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David Wst New Member • Posts: 8
Eye Autofocus Issues with Sony 24mm f1.4 GM Lens

I just purchased a Sony 24mm f1.4 GM lens and I am experiencing a high percentage of shots with missed focus.

Even when the camera indicates it has focus on the face or the eye with a green box, the photo itself is often out of focus.

I'm also finding that the true focus point used SOMETIMES wasn't the same as the area highlighted by the green box (I think - still investigating this).

When focusing does work, it is tack sharp so I think the optics were correctly manufactured and installed.

The scenario this happens in is relatively close (2-4 feet away) portrait of single person indoors using eye AF.  I’m certainly not inside the cameras minimum focus range of about 0.79 feet.

Any ideas how to resolve this?

I'm using it on an A7iii body.

I've already tried:

  • Updating both the body and the lens to the latest firmware
  • Varying the aperture between 1.4 and 2.8
  • Varying focus mode between AF-C and AF-A
  • Increasing the shutter speed to 1/125 to ensure its not shake or movement (I don't think it is because the area incorrectly in focus is tack sharp - individual strands of hair are clearly in focus while the eyes are clearly out of focus)

Only other things to be aware of:

  • All shots so far are in normal household lighting, but certainly not dark
  • I do have a B+W clear multi-coated filter on the front for protection only

Any ideas?

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