Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

This thread originally caught my eye because the weight creep of the XT series is something that I am not crazy about. Then, as all personal preference threads seem to, it's devolved into something else :-P.

Anyway, on my personal preference front, I am not crazy about the weight creep. I started with an XT-1, went with the XT-20, then back to the X-T3. Weight versus viewfinder and WR. Plus I dislike touch screen shooting, so the loss of the D-Pad bugged me on the xt-30.

As others mentioned, the X-H1 is somewhat "controversial" because of its weight. Some like it for its features, some don't because of its weight. That whole personal preference thing again.

Why do I shoot Fuji: personal preference

Why do I shoot primes: personal preference

Why do I like the 55-200 anyway: personal preference.

Why do I use Capture one: Adobe is (fill in the blank). Oops, personal preference 

So, as to the original topic.  Fuji may be disappointing some of us with a weight increase (I'll wait for the announcement).  And they may be making others really happy with better battery life, or a flippy screen, or IBIS, or....

Their choice, our choice.

IBIS, more fun shooting with my old glass, weight, hmmmmm...


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