Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

Meetmer wrote:

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Meetmer wrote:

The rumor is that the XT4 will gain 6 oz, or 170 grams compared to the XT3. That puts the anticipated weight of the XT4 at 660 gym no battery, or 709 grams with battery. For comparison , a Nikon Z6 is 585 grams body only. The Sony A74 with battery is 665 grams and that camera blows the Fuji out of the water. Does anyone see the travesty here? The XT4 is going to outweigh the full frame cameras. Thoughts and comments ?


Way too soon to call this a "travesty" as all we got to go on is rumors right now.

If the rumors are correct that the X-T4 has IBIS, I wonder how much of the extra weight and extra thickness are due to Fujifilm's IBIS design and how well will this 2nd generation IBIS work.

I honestly can live with six extra oz. of weight if I got an awesome iBIS implementation. I also wonder if the extra weight could be due to other factors, such as a heavier battery with more capacity and the rumored flippy screen.

Well what you say is true about rumors, we just have to wait. I was out hiking and I saw a guy carrying a Sony FF. Can’t remember which lens he had. But I looked at his setup and thought , “ wow, looks only a little bit larger than mine”. That’s when it hit me about what the FF competition actually looks like. His setup was only slightly bigger, but was FULL FRAME. Honestly, if I owned no Fuji equipment right now I would most like buy a FF. I’m hoping and praying the XT4 is compelling enough to want me to buy one so I can keep using my glass that I’ve acquired.

Even the xt series is pushing it in size for me but have considered getting an xt2 instead just for the wr for my compatible wr lenses. I went up in size I’d definitely need to re evaluate my choices.

You have a lot of people that came from fuji from full frame so maybe they don’t care.
I came from aps-c crop dslr to fuji and was already trying to keep size down for personal use for last 15 years. I’ve used full frame for work and have used friends gear, but wouldn’t want to lug that gear myself for my amateur needs. As my gear gets bigger the more I leave it at home.

and like you said if fuji goes bigger and bigger as ff gets smaller and smaller it will be a tipping point choice for many. Esp those not in either system yet.
Fuji has many diff types of shooters though and is trying to satisfy a lot of needs. Currently I only have a  few wants from fuji, otherwise I love it.

maybe there is a mythical shooter which fuji is perfect in all areas but I’d say they prob aren’t being critical enough.

we all have our wants and needs.

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