M10 Monochrom Interest?

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Re: M10 Monochrom Interest?

The M10M is a camera I'm highly interested in, and will probably added to the stable at some point.

The reason it's not an immediate purchase is that it needs to fit in with the other equipment I'm currently using. On the digital side, that's dominated by Fujifilm medium format lenses and a pair of bodies, the GFX50R and the GFX100. The Leica side of the stable is built around an M246 Monochrom and an SL (601), with an SL2 on the way.

On the analog side, I shoot large format (4x5, 8x10), medium format, or 35mm, depending on the requirements of the situation.

The M246 Monochrom fills the role for digital that the M4 does for analog; this is handheld, with a 35, 50, 90, or maybe 135. Call it street photography, or a walk in the woods. The M246 is wonderful in this scenario. The SL is mostly for color, although its mono conversions do look good. The 24-90 SL lens is outstanding, and will certainly still look good with the higher resolution sensor of the SL2.

So the M10M, when it I decide to bring it into the mix, will be for handheld work intended for larger print presentation than I use the M246 for.

When I need higher resolution now, printing for a show for example, I lean toward medium format digital or large format analog. The GFX series produce gorgeous black and white conversions, and the lenses are up to the challenge posed by the resolution of the sensors.

So a decision to add the M10M will wait until there's a clear role for it to play.

I always seem to close my posts by observing that we live in amazing days. That's because we do!

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