Sony user got my hands on an X-T3, so frustrated.

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Sony user got my hands on an X-T3, so frustrated.

Fuji stuff make SO MUCH MORE SENSE! Had I known about Fuji in the first place I would've stuck with Fuji, or maybe not, I was also younger and more stupid.

Here's the problem, I finally got to try some Fuji in-depth, it's almost exactly what I wanted except for two big, big problems, IBIS and size. I usually shoot the a6500 and I actually like it quite a lot but the Fuji body is just.... so big, the X-T3 is the same size as an a7 series except it has a tiny sensor and no IBIS! That is so uncool!

Sure there's the XH1with stabilization but that's even bigger! I just absolutely hate the aesthetics of giant body with tiny sensor and thin lens! I want the mount to take up the entire height of the body and the lens to be thicker than the hight of the body!

But other than that, Fuji is so great, the menu is so easy to use, the lack of "shooting mode" makes so much sense. I LOVE how you can actually make all the electronic focus rings linear just in the settings, I hate non-linear focus rings. The screen makes so much sense as it shows all the things you need to know without absolutely flooding you with icons. There are so many features in playback that's not at all on Sony, The list goes on and on. But more than any of that, the lenses, they're so sexy! You got a complete system of lenses that all have the same aesthetic, and all with aperture rings! Aperture rings are just so essential to good camera ergonomics!

On the other hand, Sony lenses, first of all there's no consistency in aesthetics even among the Sony lenses. Secondly it's almost unavoidable you'll be getting some third- party lenses, which completely ruins the aesthetics as well as ergonomics. I mean some lenses have focus hold buttons, some have aperture rings, some have linear focus, some have non-linear focus, some have AF-MF toggles, some have focus distance toggles, it's a mess! I mean, Tamron 28-75 f/2.8, great lens at great price, unbeatable image quality/price on the A7III, but the aesthetics, it's terrible, I really don't want to use that!

So either pick Sony, get terrible lenses that ruin your aesthetic.

Or pick Fuji, get giant bodies with tiny sensor, or maybe get a not so giant body (but still giant) and not have IBIS.

Trying to pick my poison here. Obviously I'm already invested in Sony so that's another problem. I have no intention of going full frame so X-system is just perfect for me, but I want a small body a tiny body! with IBIS! like the a6500!

Maybe I'll just move to Fuji-X system for work, and then get a Sony RX1RII for the ultimate tiny body big sensor aesthetic.

Fujifilm X-T3 Sony a6500 Sony a7
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