RX0 overheating

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Re: RX0 overheating

tbcass wrote:

I guess I don’t know the reason. It seems logical to me that if plastic was as good as glass it would be used in good lenses. As I said previously in good lenses several different types of glass with different refractive properties are used along with anti reflective coatings. Maybe this cannot be done with plastic.

Because camera lenses are not phone lenses, there are some reasons plastic is not as good but ONLY FOR BIG LENSES.

  • The lens does come in contact with things on a big lens, so it does need to be scratch resistant
  • Even the internal elements must be manually handled inspected and assembled so they also can't be that easy to scratch
  • big lenses with big housing need to account for thermal expansion, which plastic has more of
  • Molding plastic isn't significantly cheaper than molding glass when you're trying to make a cheap lens.

Even good lenses don't have more than 3 types of glass, most have two. and yes there are different types of "plastic" with different refraction indexes you can combines for optical needs.

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