A7R3 NOT compatible with SONY Tough cards

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Re: A7R3 NOT compatible with SONY Tough cards

LegendsMIA wrote:

I have come to the conclusion that the Sony Tough cards are not compatible with the Sony A7R3. The Sony Tough SG-G128T has now broken my UHS II slot twice now. The card literally has broken the slot twice. Two different cards both SF-G128T. First it broke it so bad the card wouldn't lock in at all. The second time it locks but the camera does not register it unless you physically push the card down. My camera is used indoors almost exclusively no sand no dirt no user error.... seems the missing locking mechanism on these cards is the culprit. So if you own a Sony A7R3 do NOT buy the Sony Tough cards to use with it or be ready to have a slot fail on you when you need it most and pay $750 to have the mainboard replaced which both slots are soldered to and not have your camera for 2-3 + weeks! F*&K

ALSO: I think this is not rare.... when I brought my camera in the first time too a small tiny shop that gets very little traffic when I was walking out a customer was walking in with the EXACT same issue. This was a few months after the camera was released. I had my main board replaced 6 months after the camera was released and haven't used a card in that slot since being repaired..... until now and it did it again. What a joke. I love Sony and I bought a Sony A7R4 but come on Sony WTH

Sorry no. Use them for quite some time now for A9(ii)s, A7r3, A73, no issue.

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