Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Exactly. They should have held the line and kept the XT4 the same size as the XT3 but made it better. Then it would be something to marvel at. Once the camera size increase, it’s no longer a marvel. Who is really impressed with the OLY OMD latest camera? I’m not because it’s not that small and at the end of the day it’s still a MFT for two grand. That’s what the XT4 is going to be, a great camera for $1600 but not smaller than a full frame that could be had for just a bit more money.

And with FF comes bigger heavier lenses so everything is a trade-off. And the X-T4 will still be smaller than the X-H1 and owners of the H1 say the camera really isn’t that much bigger than the XT series and they appreciate larger grip. For me having a Fuji camera that’s still smaller than the H1 with IBIS, a bigger battery, and even a fully articulating screen sounds like it will be what I wanted the T3 to be but skipped because it wasn’t. And when I want to go smaller I will buy the X-E4.

Don’t forget, the XH1 was a failure.. We can argue all day about why that is but the size makes it non competitive IMHO.

Yes but keep in mind that the X-H1 was made with a thicker frame and thicker mount to carry the load of the MKX cinema lenses, the MKX18-55mm T2.9 weighing in at 2.16 pounds and the MKX 50-135mm T2. 9 weighing in at 2.38 pounds. That’s why the cinema lenses were released around the same time as the H1 which was supposed to be Fuji’s video centric camera at that time.

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After all is said and done and your photo is hanging on the wall, no one is going to know or care what camera, lens, or what post processing you used. All they care about is if the image moves them.
I’m not hung up on the Bokeh fad because I’m too busy chasing shadows.

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