Your input Sony A9 vs A9II now that some time has past?

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Your input Sony A9 vs A9II now that some time has past?

Hey folks,

right now I'm set on getting an A9 as soon as money allows it.

It'll probably cost me somewhere between 3000-3500 Euro where I live and that's no pocket money for me.

Having done my research and asked you people here about your experiences and opinions it seems to be the superior choice for my kind of event/dance photography

(superior to A7RIV and probably if they'll come out with it this year superior to A7IV and A7SIII as well).

I'm happy with my A7RIII right now but feel like I need the second body. And if I get one I want to have a noticeable improvement in some areas. As banding/AF performance/buffer are all things that would be nice to improve on (and A7RIV doesn't improve on them) A9 is the logical choice right now.

Of course reading rumors about Canon etc. that just seem to wow everybody right now you start thinking. But I'm not in for jumping boats every 6 months! I'm satisfied with sony. They have not let me down yet (as Canon did in the past).

Also I don't believe the specs will be as some people interprete them.

So anyhow back to the main topic.

Not many people could review the Sony A9II and those who could didn't spend too much time with it yet.

Now some more time has past and out of curiosity from those who either own both or worked with both A9 and A9II I would like to know your opinion if the A9II improvements are significant enough to justify buying it over an A9 as of right now.

Things that are NOT important for me:

1. ergonomics --> I'm totally happy with my A7RIII ergnomics and with the A9 that I rented one time as well. I don't care. no bonus point for me

2. two fast card slots --> while I would of course prefer this solution I'm rather used to switching the cards after having shot the one in the faster slot. as my A7RIII does it my workflow kind of is like that right now. so while it is a bonus it surely is not a significant for me.

3. weather sealing. yeah I appreciate better sealing of course. but I don't need it. I guess the A9 is tough enough for most purposed and already worked in some extreme conditions. I'm shooing people dancing. no vulcanos or polar bears, nor do I normally shoot in the desert (hope that doesn't change with climate change!) people have shot at beaches with far less sealed cameras and yeah... no significant bonus for my purposes.

also all those gimmicks like wireless transfer being faster or making voice memos... I don't care. I'm not a professional but an enthusiast.

I think that's about it for arguments that come up fairly often but that I personally do not care about.

Spending 1500 Euro more I care about though.

If the AF is that much better or the ISO performance (talking 6400-10.000 ISO here as it is where I work normally) and I don't know what else could actually be that much better to be honest.
So yeah is there anybody of the honest opinion that the A9II as of now justfies the 1500 Euro more in my personal case to spend?

Because I don't see it. ("As you said you don't see it so go ahead and get the A9!")

I don't wanna bother you people but I'm sure there are more people like me out there unsure about this decission and as it is not a cheap buying decission (at least for most people it probably isn't) you want to see it from many different angles before you finally pull the trigger.

Thank you for your input!

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