RF Teleconverters Purpose

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Re: RF Teleconverters Purpose

JaimitoFrog wrote:

The Canon Japan site says the RF extenders work with the RF 100-500 lens.

I don't read Japanese so I had Google translate the page. In the middle of the first block of text it gives me:

"EOS R5, fetal movement."

Don't you just love Google Translate!?

So it will be f10 at 700mm with 1.4x attached.

f14 at 1000mm with the 2x attached.

Yep, and nobody loves an f/10 combination but it will autofocus, and with an EVF the viewfinder will be bright enough to use even in dimpsy light. I wouldn't want to use the 1.4x routinely on this lens, but I'd carry it in pocket for those occasions when maximum reach is wanted. I do exactly the same now with my 100-400L II.

The 2x is probably not going to be good on this lens, but it makes sense for the two Extenders to be launched together.

I've seen loads of unfavorable comments but the thing people need to remember is that this is - for a long lens on full frame - a small and light solution. That comes with compromises.

scroll to the bottom here:


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