Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

Meetmer wrote:

Exactly. They should have held the line and kept the XT4 the same size as the XT3 but made it better. Then it would be something to marvel at. Once the camera size increase, it’s no longer a marvel. Who is really impressed with the OLY OMD latest camera? I’m not because it’s not that small and at the end of the day it’s still a MFT for two grand. That’s what the XT4 is going to be, a great camera for $1600 but not smaller than a full frame that could be had for just a bit more money.

It’s difficult to believe that Fuji would have willingly sacrificed one of the key selling points of its APC system - i.e. relatively small size and weight - unless it was necessary to supply the features that so many people seem to be demanding. In this case ibis and increased battery life etc. They wouldn’t just make it heavier/larger on a whim but for reasons necessitated by the technology, so your comment strikes me as slightly daft.

You could more reasonably argue that they might be better starting again from scratch, rather than adapting an existing design, but there’s a lot of love for the XT line, so I can see why they’ve done it (assuming they have - it’s still only a rumour, right?).

Its also worth remembering that miniaturisation creates its own problems, particularly around the ergonomics of controls - there’s always a trade off - and the human hand ain’t gonna change any time soon - so small size/weight isn’t necessarily such a virtue for everyone, it’s just horses for courses. I personally like that Fuji offers a body range of options that fit the lens system, from small and light right up to pro dslr-type.

The final thing about weight is that it’s often indicative of build quality too - worth bearing in mind.

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