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creepy.sol wrote:

Wondering if Oly decided to move the em1 iii to a plastic body or leave it mostly metal. If I recall correctly, the newest em5 made that change and it was framed as a positive change rather than cost or quality cutting measure. I'm wondering if oly brought the plastic improvement to the em1 iii or not, and if not, then why wouldn't they?

If there's one thing everyone agrees on here is the em5.3 plastic body is a huge downgrade. The little difference in weight is negligible but the loss in rigidity is huge. Proof is many people have broken tripod mounts and the plastic body flexes too easily with heavier lenses. If the em1 series goes plastic it will be a deal breaker for a lot of people because it means it will be more fragile, will overheat easier, will feel cheaper. Not worth it just to save 50 grams.

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