Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

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Re: Disappointed with increased weight of XT4

Meetmer wrote:

Exactly. They should have held the line and kept the XT4 the same size as the XT3 but made it better. Then it would be something to marvel at. Once the camera size increase, it’s no longer a marvel. Who is really impressed with the OLY OMD latest camera? I’m not because it’s not that small and at the end of the day it’s still a MFT for two grand. That’s what the XT4 is going to be, a great camera for $1600 but not smaller than a full frame that could be had for just a bit more money.

Of course, that is 100% true.

We live in very exciting times and the camera industry is in a transition with the DSLR jump to ML. After Canon releases it's 5DMKIV replacement in the ML version DSLR prices will continue to drop. Nikon will follow and then Sony and the trend will continue and after that bye bye DSLR and prices will drop to the floor. They already have. All this is good for us because Fuji will also continue to make fantastic exciting products. They are being forced to and they have been doing it and I'm glad they are.

So yes, there are lots of options and anybody is free to make the choice to might as well get a FF if they want to. Nothing wrong with that I shoot with both.

But then again you can get a XT3, I know it has really good AF so what's stopping you from getting that smaller version? Like I said, Fuji already has and will continue making lots of smaller cameras so what's the problem?

The only camera that Fuji is missing is a serious more Pro body, yes, with a beefier battery for certain type of photographers and videographers. If Fuji wants more DSLR users and stuff to move into Fuji then the bigger battery/camera was going to happen eventually, it was inevitable, and Fuji is doing it. You can't expect Nikon D series or D500 shooters or Canon's people that use those bodies to let them go for a camera that uses 126S batteries for serious work. No way Jose.

These cameras are NOT too big nor too heavy, they are just for specific photographers. If I want to go even lighter that's where I take my X10, as long as I don't forget the darn SD card hahahaha!

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