Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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400trix wrote:

Carbon comes in all sorts of grades, as does glass fiber reinforced plastic. Just because something is made from carbon fiber doesn’t mean it’s meant for airplanes and race cars. You can get a carbon fiber bike frame from China for well under $1k, for example. And methods are being invented to lower the cost further. There’s lots of carbon fiber tubing out there that is massed produced and reasonably priced.

So, carbon fiber camera bodies are not out of the question at all. Just don’t expect to see one this century, as this technology is well outside any camera maker’s comfort zone.

Part of me would like to see some carbon fiber lens barrels, though. Those could be insanely light and stable.

Lens barrels are not just plain bike tubing. They may need threads to secure lenses, and guides and flanges and screws. If you try to thread a long fiber tubing, you cut the fibers and the threads fall apart to crumbles before you even finish. So you have to fabricate your tube from many parts and glue them together. Lots of work to save a few grams in the end... when you consider most of the lens weight is often in the glass.

Telescopes are a different thing. There you have very simple large diameter long tubes. And carbon fiber tubes are indeed used sometimes. You are looking at about US$900 for an aftermarket carbon tube to suit an 8 inch f/5 mirror telescope (that is a rather small hobby telescope). Then again, the usual and much much cheaper Aluminium tubes are actually the lightest component of a telescope, and many question if the money is not better spent on making other pars lighter.... often the use of carbon is more a matter of special looks and personal pride, rather than any real practical advantage.

If someone was making an otherwise identical large m43 tele lens, one model with carbon fiber barrels, and it would be say 20% lighter but cost 50% more, would you buy it?

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