No wonder Sony did not bother...

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Re: No wonder Sony did not bother...

ISO 1 Million wrote:

DSLR is a dinosaur that will be extincted in a matter of few years. The only reason Canon and Nikon continue 1Dx III and D6 are because they don't have technology ready as Sony implemented in A9/II. At least Canon if not Nikon as well already announced they will only develop new RF lenses.

I am so glad that I only need to maintain one system, one format for all purposes. I am not envy on persons like you to maintain multiple systems, multiple mounts, one for each purpose. I carried 3 bodies, A7r IV, A7r III and A9 into recent trip withe one set of lenses that can share each other among bodies, that versatility and flexibility you don't have with mixed systems and mounts. Factor/ergo/handling are all personal subjective. As an owner of Canon 1D III over a decade which is basically the same factor/ergo/handling of 1Dx II, I much prefer Sony bodies' factor/ergo/handling. I also use A9 as a landscape camera that something virtually no 1Dx II and D5 owners do to lug as 2nd or 3rd bodies into trips.

If you’re so happy with your Sony gear and have such pity for those poor Nikon and Canon shooters, then why do you have over 9,000 posts and why do you continue to so loudly proclaim how happy you are? Who are you trying to convince? Why seek validation from strangers online?

Some people treat camera gear selection like religion, LOL.

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