Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Wrong Name!

cba_melbourne wrote:


I believe a big part of the problem, is simply the name they gave this camera. To call it EM5.3 stipulates it is the successor of the much more rigidly built EM5 line. It is clearly not.

Had they named it EM10.4, people would be more careful to begin with. They would not be led to assume it is a rock solid build designed to take some serious beating.

It's a bit like Landrover putting out a brand new city SUV, and calling it Defender mark 3. Problems would be pre-programmed.

I’ve been saying this for a while. It’s far more like an E-M10.4 with weather sealing than a true successor to the E-M5.2, in terms of sturdiness and utility.

Remember a while back (over a year ago, I think) when Olympus said that the E-M5 line was getting discontinued? Huge uproar, then it shows up again, but it’s very E-M10-y. Hmmm....


It is also a clear design fault.

A tripod mount on whatever camera,

light or heavy duty, big or small, plastic or metal, cheap or expensive

should be designed to cope with any tripod surface

flat or ribbed, with or without a rubber interface, plastic or metal, big or small


Mistakes can happen, and do happen to any camera company. What matters, is how a company handles it. This is not a problem that can be solved by a customer level retrofit.

Absolutely. I think it’s a bit of a gray area in this case, as all of these failures look like the socket pulled out, which one might expect from an over torqued bolt. We don’t know how tight people tightened those plates, so it’s hard to say. I do know that I’ve used a fair amount of torque on my OG E-M5 to secure slippery plates, and I’ve had no problems. But certainly a design flaw, for a use case that didn’t occur to the engineers.

A recall would seem overkill. But free expedited repair of any broken tripod mount for life, including both way freight cost, and regardless where the camera was bought, would be in order. Save Olympus's face. And cost far far less than a full out recall.


And demote that PR guy that came up with the misleading camera name!


The design engineers are probably largely innocent in this. They were given a spec sheet and a manufacturing price to meet. And they designed the very best they could to meet both. They had no idea what this camera was to be retailed for, nor the name it would be given. Initially they would not even have known if it was ever going to be produced.

They did their duty. And it’s really a very good camera in many ways. That minimal grip is mildly miraculous to me, in that it’s surprisingly comfortable, especially compared to earlier iterations, which I found to need an accessory grip to be truly comfortable for extended use.

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