100-500 I thought we were getting 70-400

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Re: 100-500 I thought we were getting 70-400

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It's all rumors right? I'm reading the 100-500 will be an L lens with variable aperture. No way, what L zoom has a variable aperture? They save the variables for the cheaper consumer market. And that's fine.

But until it shows up on a Canon site, take it all with a grain of salt...

EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM

Ah, your right! I forgot about that one... Thanks for the correction.

Given that the RF 100-500L will be the RF equivalent of EF 100-400L ii, it seems perfectly normal that it has a similar variable aperture. My guess is that it is probably going to be f5.6 at 400mm (same as 100-400L), and goes to f7.1 at 500mm.


It that was my guess too. The EF 100-400f3.5-5.6 L II IS USM one my favorite lenses. I would not buy the RF 100-500mm if the aperature is a dimmer f6.3 at 400mm. For me lots of the action I should are close to sundown and sunrise. The light is diming for a long time before or after then.

I had planned to stick to my beloved EF 100-400 before I say that RF 500mm business even at 7.1 it is interesting. i do currently shoot at f8 for depth of field all the time when the sunlight is strong and I am using my lovely existing lens. The f7.1 may preferable if it mean the size and weight are similar to the EF 100-400mm. I do home the do no have a big throw on the zoom ring like they did on the RF 70-200. I strongly prefer a short throw that can facilitate quick zooming of flying birds.

I suspect the extenders they announced will first work only with this lens. i will want a

1.4X RF lens extender to go with the RF 100-400mm which will be similar but smaller to my Sigma 150-600mm lens.  Maybe it will be lighter too.  That would be a good thing to not have to use a monopod like I current do with the Sigma.

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