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I've been appreciating Acros with my X-T3.  Great and subtle grain there too, but to see it I have to turn off the X-T3 "grain effect".  I could shoot monochrome with "grain effect" turned on, but it isn't as good as Acros grain.

If I develop my raws (shooting Acros and saving Raw+JPG) and choose Acros as the film sim in the raw developer, I don't get the grain.  It is only in the in-camera JPGs.  Funny.  I've been using the Fuji/Silkypix free raw developer.  So, because of this I like the JPGs from the camera better than raws.

Lately I've been shooting ISO bracketed Acros, which makes three JPG and/or Raw copies of the image (just one shutter click) at different ISOs.  Then I can bring the JPGs directly into HDR software.  Loving this.

Sometimes I'll take the raw and develop it in color, depending on the content.  It's nice to have this resource, even though it saves to the SD card a bit slower.

I have not heard that cameras from other manufacturers do ISO bracketing.  It's the closest thing I've found to "single-shot HDR".

Good luck and happy shooting!

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