Specs or performance, which is most important?

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Re: Specs or performance, which is most important?

Messier Object wrote:

Gary from Seattle wrote:

Messier Object wrote:

Gary from Seattle wrote:

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Gary from Seattle wrote:

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Denjw wrote:

I see a number of improvements/additions which will make the EM1.3 a more well rounded camera than the EM1.2.

But performance is the overriding factor.

For me its the performance in the AF system which will be the key to whether I consider it a worthwhile upgrade.

Olympus continually pump up the AF performance when they release each E-M1 iteration.

From Olympus press release:

"High Speed Sequential Shooting

"This camera is equipped with 121-point all cross-type On-chip Phase Detection AF sensor for tracking subjects across a wide range quickly and accurately. AF information from recorded images is also used even during sequential shooting, more easily tracking subjects that move unpredictably. It offers 75% vertical coverage and 80% horizontal coverage of the screen for a wide focusing area. Paired with the advanced AF algorithm, this feature can continually focus on fast-moving subjects with a high degree of precision. Unlike DSLR cameras, there is no degradation in AF precision when using a fast lens."

I look forward to reviews confirming this but I fear it will still lag behind other format mirrorless competitors like Sony.

Dennis, I’ve already read one of the reviews (PetaPixel ?) where the Tr Mode was dismissed as not very usable and the reviewer switched back to ordinary CAF Mode. That to me sounds like the Mark II all over again. After all this time have they not got it to work ???

After 2 major updates of the Mark II, then the X and now the Mark III I reckon OLYMPUS has had ample time for testing and development to achieve a truly superb camera. And each time we just get the same - nice pics from Iceland or Costa Rica and a lot of talk about IBIS improvement and HRes mode.

I get the feeling that Olympus has hit their ceiling, and the other makers have a lot more headroom.

Next time you get a feeling be sure to let us know.

next time you have nothing but a nasty remark be sure not to post

You are covering your rear end. You said without any knowledge, just speculation that had nothing to do with the subject of the OP and no relevance and I quote:

"I get the feeling that Olympus has hit their ceiling, and the other makers have a lot more headroom."

Since you asked “Next time you get a feeling be sure to let us know.”

I get the feeling that you are an Olympus fan-person

I get the feeling you are clueless or you wouldn't have complained about the EM i III being thoroughly tested by Petr Bambousek. I also see you didn't try to back-up your suspect statement, because you couldn't. So you deflected, like thump.

I have never complained about Mr Bambousek and always respond positively and politely to his posts here. But as I see it Petr doesn’t test Olympus gear, he demonstrates it and promotes it on behalf of Olympus Imaging.

Whether he promotes it doesn't matter. It is his familiarity with the gear that allows him to get top of photography results. In the process he evaluates and explains how the gear works. If he didn't get great results he would be long gone. But he does. Granted his skill set is likely far beyond that of anyone here.

We never get to see or read about the images he deleted because they were not up to scratch, or the ones he was unable to take because the lighting was not good enough, or the subject was moving too fast, or his camera didn’t lock focus

Yawn. A pointless comment - do Cannon or Nikon reviewers or representatives display all of their bad images? Who does? I believe he did speak about his hit rate somewhere in his blog on this test of the EM-1 III.

As for me being “clueless”, I do have several clues now that you are an Olympus fan-person.

Olympus has now used the same sensor in 3 flagship model releases since 2016. The “ouch” from their design team as they bumped their heads is easy to hear for those who are listening and not simply cheering Olympus from the sidelines with pom-poms in their hands

Yes there are a few of you who are extremely vocal in pushing your beliefs. Most don't share them. I really doubt I could see better results from a somewhat larger sensor at any kind of a reasonable viewing distance on screen or in a print.

Yes call me clueless if it makes you feel better

You are clueless in above statements you made prefaced with "I get a feeling" and most recently "ouch from their design team as they bumped their heads".  You provided another great example. Clueless means you don't know; yet you speak. Think about it.



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