X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

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Re: X-T4 coming with a X-T200 style flippy screen

rwbaron wrote:

Batdude wrote:

SantaMaria wrote:

Unfortunately if is not the right tool (for work other than video) then it ain’t gonna work.

The super funny thing is that I thought that the swivel screen was cool and to be honest I actually never thought about it until it was explained in this thread why it is bad in many ways and it makes total sense.

OMG how many people react here that don't have a clue what a swivel or flip screen actually implies vs photographic ability?

Unfortunately I’m not God and I don’t know everything but hey I learned something new here today so better late than never 😁

IMHO all you learned today was the opinion of others who may or may not know your needs or best interest.

I much prefer to experience the camera first hand and determine for myself if it will work for me. Just because something does or does not work for someone else has no bearing on whether it will for me. As an example I shoot Fuji exclusively even for BiF's and action and the vast majority of photographers doing that would tell me I'm using a deficient system. I also have no interest in an X-H1 or the "Brick" but for many it's why they shoot Fuji.

Go figure.


boogisha wrote:

"It`s not about preventing, but being less optimal for repetitive low(er) angle shooting (in landscape mode).  For example, with full swivel screen, you need to flip it out to the left first, then tilt up. Shoot, then repeat - align, flip back. It`s 4 steps of screen operation, in comparison to only 2 with plan tilt screen (tilt up, shoot, tilt back). In everyday photography, it adds up, and becomes annoying easily. See X-T100 for possibly the best tilt screen implementation (better than X-T3`s, even, in my opinion).  Also, tilt screen stays aligned with the lens (and camera), while swivel screen sticks out to the side, being both unusual to shoot with (adding to the feeling you`re looking at some external screen, off-camera axis) and making camera volume appear much greater (more attention grabbing, but also requiring different handing)."

Logically, if the camera comes with some kind of swivel screen that will work for me then no problem, but it seems like boogisha does things in a very similar way as I do, so I understood exactly what he/she is talking about. It has nothing to do with me listening to someone else's opinion because the camera isn't even out yet, but I can see where the swivel screen won't work for me either.

Often I shoot between crowds from a lower level and people's feet/shoes get REALLY close to my XT1 so I can see how a swivel screen won't be attached to the body for long

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