EM-1 Miii: Fairly disappointed, but might still give it a try

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Good overview of M43 by forum member EZGritz perspective

EZGritz wrote:

Consider the EM-1.2 while they last. Great camera for the money. Save enough to pay for most of the new 12-45 f/4 lens (or some lens). The EM-1.3 has improvements but none that make enough difference for me to upgrade. You get most of it with the Mark II.

Or the EM-5.3 with a removable grip.

The D90 was/is a great camera but you will appreciate the size/weight and the IBIS of the OLY. I like the sensor. 20MP is enough for me. PDAF CAF works great. Manual focus mode is very helpful as is face and eye detect. I use high res for landscapes on a tripod. Greatly reduces noise and makes better color and transition. Makes scary detailed 50MP images.

Camera does everything I need for general, sports and landscape photography. F/1.8 primes and IBIS enable low light shooting when nothing is moving. As good or better than most ASP-C cameras and close enough to FF cameras for me.

I appreciate the most the 40-150 F/2.8 with and without the 1.4TC. Great sports package with and without the TC. I can shoot it wide open to 300mm f/2.8 and 420mm f/4. I'm in good light outdoors so these lenses are as fast as I will ever need.

The most extensive lens selection. Pancakes, small and light compacts, inexpensive and average speed, more expensive and fast but much smaller and less expensive than larger formats in general, excellent zooms. High quality optics, usable shot wide open, not a bad lens in the bunch. You can find most anything you want.

Some people compare specs and are not impressed. I match to my shooting style and the type of photography I do in the field and don't find the system lacking in any way.

I think you've covered it well here, using your own shooting needs as an example case.
While a "spec by spec" comparison of the EM1.3 has left some of us disappointed, M43 is definitely a system where "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts". In particular, the lens selection and IBIS are stand-out aspects of the system.

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