Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Just love the justification.

400trix wrote:

NCV wrote:

I just love some of the justification exonerating Olympus for what is clearly a serious engineering cock-up, through a bad choice of materials, and construction, probably to save a few cents.

Why was 'nt this area reinforced in some way like other cameras, perhaps with a metal base like my old EM5 Mk1.

The failures we have seen are the same. The camera has rotated in some way about the screw point and the base has failed in shear at the lens mount.

Olympus has form for this sort of thing; remember the EM1 rear dial and strap lugs anybody?

Crap like this should not happen on a €1000+ camera, period.

Yes and no. Plastic is dead once it goes through plastic deformation, metal, even magnesium and aluminum (or aluminium for our trans-Atlantic cousins) is more forgiving. Still, Olympus absolutely should revise the base plate for the next run. In the meantime, don’t use PD Capture Clip with any plastic bodied camera, unless you have a good torque value to use, and maybe not even then. Better to use an RRS L-plate, and attach something to that. And still be careful of torque.

FWIW, I've been using PD's most recent plate on a very plastic GX850 for a good while now without issue... /shrug Granted I'm not mounting any big lenses on that body* but I mount relatively heavy ones (75/1.8) and carry it on the side of a bag hanging sideways on a PD Capture Clip. Could be I'm tempering fate but it's been a while...

* except that one time I was doing a really long exposure with the UWA on my OM-D and used the 100-300 II on the GX850 on a mini tripod against my chest to shoot a NASA rocket launch, do not try this at home kids ;p

Edit: Just remembered I did add some thin cork sheets in between my GX850 and the plate, they got compressed into nothing and will probably come out as bits and strips if I ever remove the plate but I thought I should mention it. I did so in order to use them as the thinnest of shims so that the rear tilt screen will open freely. Without that the plate could indeed be tightened enough that the screen would be jammed shut.

As great as RRS plates are (I have one on my E-M5 II and described it at length elsewhere in the thread), I'm not sure they'd be any kind of saving grace if there's a big failure point present... My Mk II's plate flexes visibly if I pull hard enough on the included grip, the same could happen with a heavy lens and I don't imagine that's good for the E-M5 III (never caused an issue with my Mk II mind you).

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