Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Not Olympus fault

NCV wrote:

JustTheDad wrote:

If your tripod mount has a soft rubber pad surrounded by a hard edge, and you compress the rubber pad to a point where the hard plastic edge is touching the base, then tightening more pulls down on the tripod screw. You can exert a lot of force on something that way. Probably more than just the weight of the camera bouncing around on a strap. The flex it will inflict is limited compared to the strap mount, but it materials fatigue, the plastic may be too brittle...

I think they should strengthen the tripod mount to be able to resist that tension because it could happen with either a tripod plate or a strap attachment. I don't think it requires a recall though. Maybe just an extended warranty offer if it does break within the next 5 or 6 years, and fix the design.

Tightening the tripod screw brings the pad of the tripod or sling mount base in to even contact with the camera base, distributing the contact stress evenly and in fact reducing it.

Not if you over torque it. And that’s the problem. The PD plate needs torque to prevent movement of the plate, as opposed to an RRS L-plate, which prevents rotation by design and allows using lower torque.

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