Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Do Not Over Torque!

Glen Barrington wrote:

400trix wrote:

I doubt that there’s enough demand for an aftermarket replacement, even if it were possible. I’d just go with a RRS L-bracket. Those are expensive, but they are by far the best. Some of the nicer Chinese brackets are likely also pretty good, but Really Right Stuff is well-named.

I really think this is a fairly simple solution, but it assumes the overall frame of the camera body is rigid enough. Which we can't know until someone tries it! or the Olympus engineers do some calculations.

RRS plates tend to use the structure of the plate to control movement of the camera to remove the need for over torquing. That’s why RRS instead of others. It’s the little things. It’s also the little things that will cost you.

Design a supportive metal baseplate with some simple short vertical uprights to reduce the amount of flexing pressure on the area directly around the tripod socket. These short uprights at the corners of the camera body probably wouldn't have to be much longer than, say, 15-20 mm (a hair under a quarter of an inch), and one upright could be disguised as a grip. I don't know, we might not even need rear uprights.

That would be 5mm (remember, bike mechanic!), but I get your meaning.

The plate's tripod socket could be attached to a tripod or any other device using such a socket and any flexing pressure generated would get spread out to the entire frame.

I do think Olympus should address this issue, as the negative value of the "bad press" could easily outweigh the cost savings of ignoring the problem.

Completely agree. dd

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