Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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The Video poster: he actually DID use a clip!

HRC2016 wrote:

Quite a bit of commotion and a lot of posts to address but here goes:

Someone mentioned that a long lens puts stress in the tripod mount. While this may be true, most long lenses have tripod mounts in the lens. If your lens has a tripod mount you don't use the camera's tripod mount.

But Olympus sells clips to attach straps to the tripod mount! Yes, but are these failures happening with the Olympus clips? I don't think so. Did PD copy Olympus, or vice versa? Is there a patent infringement situation?

I thought what Olymus sells in their US web shop is not their own product. They sell a generic, locally sourced product.

It's only happening with this Oly, so it must be this body! Not true. There isn't enough data.

When I reported seven bad copies of a Panasonic 100-400, several said it was my body. That was similarly false, as the problem occurred on other bodies.

If you want a solution you need to identify the problem accurately.

I would not recommend hanging a camera body by the tripod mount for this very reason.

If you read the new comments on the French Youtube video, the guy is now aware of the first problem thread reported here on DPR. He states that he did indeed also use a clip about 3 times to carry his camera. So his was not purely a tripod use as we first thought.

It may be best not to use clips with this particular camera.

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