Using Fuji lenses for astrophotography

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Yes Some F2.8 Lenses Can do Well for Starry Landscapes

georgehudetz wrote:

Thanks for all the detail in information. Very educational.

Out of curiosity, have you ever tried the 16-55 wide-open? Coma doesn't seem too bad, at least at the wide end, according to Lenstip. Of course vignetting would be worse, but I've been thinking of trying it.

There's no question the XF16-55 & perhaps the new XF8-16 are usable for starry landscapes.  There are many examples of great night images w/ for example the huge Nikon 14-24mm f2.8 - another zoom w/ surprisingly good edges.  Like that lens the XF16-55 has little coma & overall has ok edge IQ wide open.  Its is also the case that many of the primes for Fuji have even better edge resolution if stopped down to f2.8.  For reasons I do not understand, there are many normal to wide & even UWA f2.8 zooms w/o much coma wide open but the Fuji's f2.8 & f2 primes under 50mm still show coma @ f2.8???   Very frustrating.  Of course the disadvantage of an f2.8 zoom is size/weight.  That's why I don't own any.

An "advantage"? of the f2.8 zooms is you are forced to adapt your capture work flow to the smaller aperture - capture the dark landscape w/ supplemental lighting (twilight or moon) & use a tracker if you want significant detail in the star field.

I look forward to seeing Ryan's work w/ the new XF8-16.

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