Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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Re: Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

sportyaccordy wrote:

PWPhotography wrote:

sportyaccordy wrote:

I've already adapted the EF 70-200 2.8 III on the R, and it works well. MUCH better than any adapted teles did on LA-EA3 style Sony adapters.

How well, in static AF-S?

No, continuous shooting in AF-C with moving subjects.

How many Canon sport PJs shooting adapted long lenses on EOS R? Zero, basically. FE 70-200 GM on A7r IV or A9 beat your set out of water in AF-C tracking.

That is not even a super-tele lens. Try 400L/2.8 IS III, 500L/4.0 IS II and 600L/4.0 IS III adapted on EOS-R in sport and fast BIF.

Are you a sports PJ

No and no interest wanna to be.

or wildlife shooter?

Yes and have been to Alaska and Africa safari and will go again Also I shoot action photos such as airshow. So now I own both FE 100-400 GM and FE 200-600 G.

Why are you so concerned with their needs?

To burst your claim that there is no compromise by adapting EF lenses that is just your personal wishful think and I'd not believe until pros use such compromised setup. Later you seem change your stand to admit indeed there will be compromise. Let's see that Canon and Nikon have to design and release their long lenses in order to take full potential of their ML bodies, otherwise Sony will be very happy as such adapted lenses never can compete to native long lenses on Sony bodies.

The same Canon and Nikon stay in their comfortable DSLR formula, 1Dx III and D6. Don't think this R5 can compete to 1Dx III, D6 and A9/II, wait and see if it even can compete to A7r IV?

How are they staying comfortable?

To keep their sport and wildlife photogs and to meet their needs, as their ML are far from performing tasks well.

They both just released FF MILC systems and Canon in particular has been aggressive in updating it.

Under Sony's pressure to kick their butts. But glad they join in ML FF bandwagon that speed up competition and innovations for all parties.

The more interesting camera to me is the R6- basically looks like a real answer to the A7III based on the rumors. I just got my R and am happy with it though so no big rush.

R6, another vaporware? So far only heard much hyped R5.

Nothing is as hyped as Sony The same sources that reported the R5 before this press release are reporting the R6 and a high resolution RF body too.

Sony is hailed with so many innovations in last several years, as also said by DPR. As a matter of fact I have purchased so many Sony bodies and lenses in last 5 years, virtually zero on Canon gear (except two Canon refurbished EF lenses that I sold later and replaced by Sony counterparts).

Why does what you've purchased matter? And innovating isn't necessarily the same as making good cameras.

Matters to me as it's Sony gave me choices of ML FF bodies. Canon and Nikon are late jumping on the bandwagon.

Good or bad not subject to you and me but by independent creditable reviews. Sony cameras have the best reviews in last several years, such as A9 and A7r IV, check yourself of their DPR reviews for example unless you believe DPR biased against Canon or Nikon, that also confirmed by my personal experience, while you don't own either but very outdated A7r II and complaining its performance I have tested AF-C tracking with EOS R and Z7 but not impressed.

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