Canon’s future RF bodies

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walter g1 wrote:

Dlee13 wrote:

Now this is more wild speculation but quite interesting. I personally think the EOS R won’t get a second iteration but the RP will.

Now the R5 is official and there is strong rumors of an R6, this would make one believe these are replacing the 5D/6D line. Specs wise it’s hard to tell as I find it hard to imagine a body having better stills specs than the R5 with current technology but who knows.

The RP could work as a new ultra cheap and compact full frame line but the Original R doesn’t really fit if we do get an R1 later on as this means the R5 really is the 5DIV successor.

So does everyone think that we will see an EOS R Mark II or The RP, R6, R5 and a possible R1 will be the future for Canon?

There is no reason for Canon to match mirrorless cams to DSLR's.

If you believe that the R5 and R6 replace the 5d and 6d there is no room for an R2.

The problem is that the R6 is believed to have a poly body.

Let's try this possibility. Canon wants to dominate the FF mirrorless market as quickly as possible.


RP $999

R6 $1599 entry level 20mp ibis body Poly build

R2 $2299 mag body with better specs and larger sensor around 30mp

R5 $3499 45mp sensor

I hope they price the R5 less than $3500. It's cheaper to make (no mirror box or glass prism) plus if their going after Sony base then they will want to undercut them right? The R under $2000 so maybe in the under 3K range would be more realistic. That would give room to lower price after initial release and again after a year or so. But what do I know...

Original R to be discontinued.

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