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There's no pain with Canon. EF lenses and batteries are usable on both systems, and unlike as is claimed in Sony land, EF glass actually does work better on RF bodies. On top of the better accuracy, you also get great video AF and useful continuous shooting, which can't be said for Sony, maybe outside of the A9. A reliable 2.5-5 FPS is much better than the useless 2.5 FPS I've experienced with pretty much every Sony body I've adapted glass on.

I'd not believe the hype until sport PJs and wildlife photogs start shooting sports and BIFs by adapting EF 400l/2.8, 500L and 600L on EOS-R series. Until then, it's a huge hype So far EOS R AF-C tracking is not impressive in fast moving subject.

Sport PJs and wildlife photogs are far from the only people to use MILCs. Comparing an $1800 camera to a $4500 one is also a bit silly.

And Canon is committed to filling out the RF lens lineup aggressively. 9 lenses in a year! The most FE lenses Sony has released in 1 year is 7 I think. The Canon train is gathering momentum and I bet a lot more Sony users will be defecting.

As aggressively as Sony did in last 3 years? I don't see RF 100-400L IS, RF xxx-600L IS, and any RF super-tele lenses in their roadmap. I don't believe the adapted EF long lenses will have the same performance as on DSLR bodies as they are not designed on ML technology. Until then, it's a huge hype

Until then sadly Caninkon owners need two systems - DSLR for sport/wildlife and ML for everything else, two systems, two mounts, not good.

RF system is not even 18 months old; obviously they haven't been as aggressive.

Not sure why you say EF long glass can't perform well on RF bodies... I'm certain I could pull up posts from you speaking to how EF glass performs "better" on Sony FE bodies.

And someone who doesn't shoot wildlife/sports obviously won't need a wildlife/sports focused body, which is most enthusiasts. The great irony here is I actually HAVE a 5D4 and I never use it. The R is much better for the general 24-105mm range photography I and I imagine most people do. And now Canon has an answer to all the spec fan boys who said they were done and washed up. It's great

So after your many words, you have no proof those EF long lenses have no compromises at all via adapter, right? I'd only believe if I see sport and wildlife photogs start shooting with these long lenses adapted on EOS R.

I didn't say there were no compromises. You don't get the high speed display enabled to native RF glass when you adapt EF glass. The DSLRs will be better but the RF bodies aren't completely unusable.

Glad you admit there are compromises, otherwise Canon doesn't have much reason to rush out RF lenses.

At this moment these long EF lenses AF-C tracking on 5D IV are much better than adapted on EOS-R, that is what I know and have heard.

Otherwise your adapted EF 24-105L IS doesn't prove anything in static AF-S shots.

I have an RF 24-105L,

OK? I never returned to a 24-105 super zoom after replaced original EF 24-105L with EF 24-70L/2.8 II, and now I use Tamron FE 28-75/2.8, one-stop faster but smaller/lighter.

and I used an EF 70-200 2.8 on my dog and daughter.

Not sure how fast they are moving Or posed for shots that is very easy.

Let's see that ultimately Canon and Nikon have to develop native RF and Z long lenses in order to have full performance on their respective high-end ML cameras. DSLR and ML have very different AF technology and their lenses have to be designed and optimized on respective platforms.

Why would they have to do that? If Sony can get long Canon glass to work on its A9 then Canon should definitely be able to get their own lenses to work on it. I don't see people dumping their $13K EF 600/4s to get RF versions. I think Canon will find a way to make EF glass work on RF bodies.

Canon rotary-motor lenses cannot take advantage of Sony advanced AF technology. Sony has no obligation to use Canon or Nikon lenses. Therefore Sony developed its linear-AF motor, SSM and XD. The AF in Sony super-tele lenses such as in 400 GM and 600 GM set a new record that Canon and Nikon DSLR lenses don't match.

I don't regret in sold my EF 500L/4.0 IS and many Canon L lenses (you can check my history of ownership) and replaced with Sony counterparts, waiting future FE 500/4.0 GM.  Sony sensors and AF-C tracking are much superior.

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