Does it make sense to build a collection of F or E lenses for Z6?

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Does it make sense to build a collection of F or E lenses for Z6?

Let me explain how I got where I am now.

(start of intro)

So, after shooting for a few years with some APS-C (Nikon D90) & Micro 4/3 (Pana GH4) I realized how much I enjoy photography and I decided that it is worth investing in a full-frame camera.

After reading/watching many reviews/videos I thought that the best idea would be a Sony a7III vs a Nikon Z6 mainly because of great low light capabilities, a larger body of lenses available and (to a lower extent) AF. Still, knowing that both cameras were excellent and that I will be limiting factor in the quality of my pictures (not the camera body).

But when I went to the shop to check both cameras, I really like Z6 ergonomics over the a7III. Handling was nicer, I like the top screen in the body and, most importantly, viewfinder. Z6’s is bigger and further away from the body (more space for the nose). I wear glasses and I couldn’t even see the whole of the EVF in a7III at the same time (if I saw the numbers on top, I didn’t see those at the bottom). So finally, I decided to go for the (Z6+F2Z adapter+24-70F4), because if I’m not comfortable with the camera I think I will use it less.

(end of the introduction)

(start of the question)

So, I want to build a collection of FF lenses (one per year, approx) but I was interested in some fast (F 1.4) lenses for portrait and street photography and they don’t exist at the moment for Z mount.

I was wondering if it would make sense to:

  • Buy F lenses: bigger camera setup and (apparently) lower performance compared to Z lenses.
  • Get an EtoZ adapter and buy lenses for Sony mount: good variety of lenses and if I change the body in the future (not short future) I can still use them. I know that I lose some AF speed though.

Does it make any sense at all (either go with F or E lenses)? I could go for F 1.8 Z lenses instead of 1.4, but I lose a bit of light/bokeh and I know Z can’t be adapted to anything else in the future.

Thanks in advance!

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