Canon R5 - 8 k & 20 fps camera - there we go - or not?

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Re: bleeding or not - the market is shrinking

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The key points here are “development “ and “sometime this year” This camera will likely not hit store shelves before fall which I believe is 2 years after the Z7. Development announcements are what companies do to stop the bleeding to competitor products. I am sure this will be a perfectly fine camera and will likely at least slow the bleeding but I am not sure it will cause much bleeding for Sony or Nikon.

I'm not following. Do you think people are going to stop buying Sony/Nikon bodies this fall?

Canon customers have been bleeding from Canon to Sony/Nikon, the R5 may slow or eliminate that.

Dependent on pricing - I don't know how many times I've been "wrestling" with forum members and in real life about pricing not being important but TCO (total cost of ownership) in conjunction with benefits I get (perceived or real)

In short - I expect the pricing level of the R5 to be at least at the level of the A9 II or above. This is a niche of a niche market.

This is a flagship camera and it will most presumably have a kind of flagship pricing - how much is the current 1Dx III right now?

The top notch RF lenses are also very pricy plus being ultra heavy and large - hardly attractive for a new customer base and moderate attractive for brand loyalists - I know many Nikon and Canon fan boys that simply adapt mediocre existing DSLR lenses to their brand new MILCs with all negative aspects.

Either Canon earns money with their MILC bodies or they try to subsidize with a lower cost entry burden price level with the pricy lenses. As a business case this would be a (too) big gamble IMHO

Thus I think the R5 will be either 1Dx III pricing level or we'll see a R1 in a year from now but then I hardly see them exceeding the current sparse specifications.

The sparse information of the R5 already exceeds the 1Dx III - that said it is questionable that PROs will switch rapidly to the MILC form factor with lenses that weigh north of 6 lb

On the flip side I do not believe that many customers will bleed from Sony/Nikon to Canon due to the R5. I expect (and hope) all three companies continue selling bodies for the forseeable future.

I guess the over all question is what's the more compelling offer in the market?

At Sony you can get a huge selection of mediocre lenses and a large selection of top notch comparable small and comparable lightweight ultra fast primes.

For most the lens selection is the diving factor for an eco system decisions. Sony has the best lens selection in FF and the best foundation for miniaturization.

The A7S III will be the most important milestone for Sony's MILC future. An entry level A7 IV with slightly upped features like OVF, new body design and some gimmicks her and there and at a low entry level price will round that up.

I am personally looking forward to the A7R V with more AI and computerization. There is a lot to gain in AI looking at the SmartPhone companies - neither Canon nor Nikon produce them but Sony does and I am sure the development departments within Sony talk to each other.

I have low to none expectation of modern and advanced Software features at Nikon or Canon - they have been sitting on their hands for a decade now - no big innovation in a decade.

Canon introduced AF. Sony made it almost ridiculously accurate with Human and Animal Eye AF and Real Time tracking - a first glimpse of AI and we ain't seen nothing yet.

Future generations of buyers will come with a smartphone mindset rather than brand loyalty.

Just my 2ct of course

"This is a flagship camera and it will most presumably have a kind of flagship pricing - how much is the current 1Dx III right now?"

The camera isn't even out yet and details and caveats are vaguely known. There are even sites ( where sources claim no 4k120 and real 8k is coming etc.. We don't know. We don't know whether it is a stacked sensor, the 20fps is with tracking or with AF frozen etc. (remember, even the Nikon 1 could do super highe fps; just writing it in a teaser spec sheet doesn't say anything).

All we know is people get crazy over specs too fast. Dream about this and that, call doom to company A and B etc.

I would be surprised if Canon decided to install a camera beating the 1dx3 in specs shortly after its introduction, for a much lower price. What is the probability for that to happen? What is the probability of this camera even beating the Cinema line? I would claim it is very low.

I can't see any reason to jump ship again. The A9(ii), A7riii etc. work fantastic for us, landscapers can use the A7riv and Sigma 14-24DN, a class-leading combination right now, what would I gain from this Canon? Would I get more clients, make suddenly better images? Surely not.

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