Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Agree, they need to take some kind of action.

Jan Chelminski wrote:

Glen Barrington wrote:

Luckily I bought the grip with mine, and it has a little locking dial that makes it impossible to overtighten. Plus the grip is made of metal, so I think the camera's bottom is a bit safer.

Instead of retrofitting all those thousands of cameras stored in the warehouses and in the supply chain, it might be cheaper for Olympus to contract with FotoDiox or some other cheap grip maker to supply owners with a cheap grip/reinforcing bar. maybe with that hole for the battery door? Certainly, it would be less expensive than a recall.

Really Right Stuff camera plates are IMO, very well designed, but some caution should still be kept, as the E-M5 MkIII has a clear vulnerability to various types of stresses at the tripod fastener area.

The shoulder strap attachment at the tripod plate option should be avoided (or, used with good care, ie, do not subject to sharp jerks, heavier lenses, etc) on this model camera, IMO, even with this RRS plate:

NOT a good idea, RSS should probably not even suggest it as they do here, although ultimately, they do not bear the primary responsibility, but still...

Otherwise, a good plate and good way to go for some.

This plate should distribute the stresses very well during (normal) tripod use.



I used the RRS plate/grip for the E-M5 II for quite a few years. I dislike their premium pricing and policies but their plate was IMO simply much better designed than half a dozen other random ones I saw on eBay/Amazon... It was the only one where the vertical dovetail could be shifted forward to allow the screen to open fully and the only one where the grip portion could be taken clean off without leaving a weird mounting protrusion behind (which would make taking the grip off pointless).

More on topic, I did notice some flex on the RRS plate when using larger lenses and pulling on the grip firmly (it doesn't sit totally flush with the body, the grip that is)... First time it happened I got really concerned I was flexing the camera's bottom plate but later noticed I was instead flexing the whole RRS plate, still not ideal but my E-M5 II has never been worse for wear over it and I've never noticed an issue when using the vertical dovetail.

I see they're coming out with a grip-less L plate for the E-M5 III so much of what I mentioned might be moot... I actually bought an mk III myself along with a universal 3 Legged Thing Like plate (the Ellie, w/PD plate built in), not quite sure if the custom (and pricey) RRS plate would safeguard my tripod socket any better, hrm. The universal plate actually ends up with more surface area directly around the socket but the RRS grabs more of the camera bloody overall.

Personally I don't like using the tripod socket for straps either way, and while I do have a PD Capture Clip I only use it during lens swaps with my OM-D (I do carry my GX850 on it hanging on the side of a bag and it's held up nicely)... So occasional vertical mounting with L plates is my big worry.

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