Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

n3eg wrote:

buratino wrote:

I wonder what Olympus has to do now? Can it change the design of an existing product?

We should bug them for a free grip, IF the grip is more sturdy. I'm going to look into a grip and see if the product photos show any different tripod mount design.

They did just update the firmware for the EVF/LCD switch issue that someone here (who will go unnamed) complained about, and also the new 12-45 lens.

If there were an aftermarket battery grip, I would buy that now - even though I have no problems with battery life.

If this happened to me and they offered me a grip I'd tell them to stuff it, and I'd probably sell it if they offered it for free before any incident and I had already used my E-M5 III long enough to not detect any issues... That Oly grip is horribly designed, why can't they at least build in a hole for the battery door? If it had that and Arca dovetails it'd be far more useful and could replace a lot of people's plates, but as it is the thing is a kludge.

I don't think aftermarket battery grips are a possibility given the contact points lost between the mk II & III, heck I haven't even seen any aftermarket L plates yet outside of the RRS one that's on preorder.

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