Another case of the E-M5iii tripod mount failing

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Re: Not Olympus fault

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I don't see how this is Olympus' fault. Users are using the tripod mount for something for which it is not designed. It's a tripod mount. Does this not securely mount the camera on a tripod?

Just because after-market products can use this threaded hole does not mean they should.

Certainly, if Olympus wanted to redesign this area (knowing about these after market producfs), it has that option. Alternatively, there could be a warning in their owners manual about not using the tripod-mount hole to attach the camera to a strap. There may already be a warning.

I've refrained from hanging my camera by the tripod mount for this very reason - it's not designed for this use.

It's not a safety issue. A recall isn't warranted, in my opinion.

I appreciate the OP and others speaking up, to alert other users of these types of issues. None of us want to see a damaged camera, but when one is damaged we should look in the right direction for the cause and solution.

True. This is obviously a limitation of the OM5 III so if you use a Capture Clip or any other device that uses the tripod socket to carry the camera, DO NOT BUY THE OM5 III! It is not built strong enough for that use. Also, if the camera is attached to a tripod, do not carry the tripod with camera attached because, again, it is not designed for that use! Similarly, don't attach a mini tripod with the expectation that you can use it for doing some handheld vlogging because "it is not designed for that use!" Actually, you CAN use it for vlogging that way but for God's sake DO NOT hold the mini tripod horizontally because the tripod socket "is not designed for that use!"

Oddly enough, there isn’t a camera made that doesn’t include a warning to not carry it mounted to a tripod. I wonder why?

Oddly enough, I went through my PDF manuals for Nikon F5, D1H, D1X, D2HS, D2X, D3S, D3X, D4S and D5. None of those manuals included any kind of warning about carrying the camera while mounted on a tripod. I have done that 25 years with lenses attached to the camera body.

In all honesty I have carried a 300/2.8 or 400/2.8 mounted on the tripod even more, the camera just hanging there at the end of the lens. This is easier on the camera.

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