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MikeDale wrote:

Jay A wrote:

I certainly hope they resolve the CFExpress issue of only Sony cards working. If not, I honestly may dump the system. I think that establishing a precedent that only certain manufacturer's cards work with a camera stinks and is one of the things that have really bothered me about this entire throw away digital age in which we live.

I really hope this CFExpress incompatibility issue is resolved.

Yep I totally agree, you should jump ship.

Shut the door on the way out.

Sorry that you feel you have to be so aggressive but please read my previous response. Maybe that will explain my concern a bit better (maybe not).

CFExpress cards have been available for what, 2-3 months? It’s pretty obvious that not not all the card manufacturers are on the same page and following the correct protocols.
So Nikon have certified the Sony cards alone, maybe because they are the only manufacturer that did follow the protocols. Now your whining because the cheap UFlungDung branded cards are not certified. You’d be whinging if you lost your images on the card so have a bit of patience and quit the whining.

Sandisk isn't exactly on the same level as a UFlungDung now are they?

I'm just hoping that the compatibility issue (whether it's a Nikon issue, a Sandisk issue, or a whomever issue) is resolved before Nikon brings an end to firmware upgrades for these cameras.

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