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I certainly hope they resolve the CFExpress issue of only Sony cards working. If not, I honestly may dump the system. I think that establishing a precedent that only certain manufacturer's cards work with a camera stinks and is one of the things that have really bothered me about this entire throw away digital age in which we live.

I really hope this CFExpress incompatibility issue is resolved.

Is there a problem with QXD cards that I am not aware of? Just curious.


The problem that I have is not that there are any issues with XQD or CFexpress cards. It's with the fact that we now live in a world of planned obsolescence. One in which a manufacturer can make a product that cost thousands of dollars obsolete with a quick firmware upgrade.

Uh no ... upgrades extend the life of a product and delay obsolescence.

You're missing my point. It's not that I am against upgrades, I am actually stating that I hope they DO upgrade the firmware to fix the CFExpress incompatibility. This thread has been about the fact that many are suggesting that Nikon may not upgrade the firmware in this camera anymore. If that is so, it leaves me with a $3000 camera that I purchased in good faith under the impression that it would support CFExpress, not that it would support CFExpress with only Sony cards. THAT'S my beef.

I'm really confused about your concern. You already have working cards, don't you? Why do you need to buy additional cards?

In my case, when I've completed a photo session, I download the images to my PC (which has mirrored hard drives) and once I've checked they are all Ok I format the cards and I'm ready to go again.

Every three-four years I buy a new set of cards for all the cameras in current use.

So overall, cards are not a big on-going expense.

OK let me explain myself a bit better:

All I was trying to do in my original post was express that I hope the compatibility issue with CFExpress cards is resolved with a firmware upgrade that some here are suggesting may never come. It's not that I need new cards today, but at some point in the future, I probably will and I just don't like the idea of being tied to having to buy Sony cards and nothing else. Perhaps my comment on maybe "dumping" the system if that be the case was a bit of an over the top comment.

I see lots of comments in Nikon forums calling Sony themselves to task for coming out with new cameras instead of continuing to support and improve their existing ones through firmware upgrades. I just hope that Nikon doesn't do the same thing.

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