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Re: Two pictures are worth a truckload of words

yray wrote:

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VBLondon wrote:

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VBLondon wrote:

yray wrote:

All of these statements might be true but not necessarily meaningful unless one either crops a lot, prints very large, or has pixel peeping as a favorite pastime.

Nope, my Z85 1.8S makes easily visible better pictures than my 85 1.8D in normal viewing on the normal screen I look at.

Instead of saying it, put up side by side images. Let us decide if the lenses make the image.

I'm of the belief it doesn't. But you have an opportunity here to change my mind.

Happy to leave your mind unchanged.

For very good reason, I suspect. Kind of a lame reply on your part.

My guess is that, unless with the sole purpose to argue on this forum, one is not gonna purposefully do a side by side. So you end up comparing shots taken under different lighting conditions, with different subjects, at different apertures, etc. So your judgment ends up being based on comparing in aggregate, and you subjectively decide that you like one aggregate better than the other.

And even if you go through the effort of doing a side by side, the subject would likely be trivial and conditions limited. Even the same camera/body combination would yield markedly different results depending on the subject, settings, and shooting conditions. There is not much science to it beyond learning to use your gear in an optimal way, and choosing the right gear for the subject and the shooting conditions.

I'm a firm believer that the difference in an image is the fellow taking it, not the gear. But fellows with Zees seem to believe that there's a world of difference between something shot with a Zee lens than something shot with an f mount. My point has always been that I do not need to buy a Zee to get good images, images better than a D850 (as one body example)

If someone wants to run their sled alongside my 800cc 160+ hp sled, I have no problem doing it. It shows a comparison at that particular time on that particular day under those particular conditions. Nothing more.

VB said "my Z85 1.8S makes easily visible better pictures than my 85 1.8D in normal viewing on the normal screen I look at" which suggest he already did the comparison and has the images.

I said, and still say, show me. If it would make him feel better, put up the images, point out where he feels the differences are, and I'll look but won't comment.

If I wanted an 85 lens, I could buy a used 85 1.4G for the same price as a new Z85 1.8S in Toronto, I'd have 1.4, I wouldn't need to change systems. I doubt anyone could show me a difference between those two lenses that would affect final image. I can guarantee there'll be no difference at 1.4

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